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Whether realistic or "fantasy", a mural will introduce a wider worldview into your daily life. Look out beyond your cook top to a veiw across the Tuscan countryside. Your foyer landing opens through a painted gate to a pastoral landscape. Achild's room becomes a whimsical dreamy place to inspire imagination. Our clients love to get involved in the concept development phase, and including their ideas and personal objects in the imagery becomes an essential and enjoyable part of the process. A mural can be any size. In a tiny room, a two foot "window" opens to a distant panorama. On a larger wall,a dramatic scene unfolds across the entire surface. Sometimes a mural will simply consist of a few painted plants, books of other subjects. Because murals are always custom designed and painted by commission, unusual sizes or shapes can be created. Also, if the client wants artwork can always be painted on a canvas or some other specified surface area.

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